My Photo I am a programmer based out of Bangalore, India, currently working with a firm here.
I have fun experiences with Web and Mobile programming technologies, and am currently in love with Android SDK.
I have worked with PHP (LAMP/WAMP) (and some JSP) on the web server side, and am fairly familiar with HTML&CSS while being proficient in JavaScript & jQuery on the browser side.
I've also worked with BlackBerry and Android SDK for creating mobile apps, and have experimented with cross platform app development with Titanium Appcelarator and Lua Script before falling in love with Android SDK.
I am also an Assistant Organiser of BlrDroid, a Developer Community for Android programmers in Bangalore city, I am a public speaker too, on topics related to Android programming. At BlrDroid, my role is to organize technical events, along with other members.
I also train people for Android sometimes, and assist a quite a few people worldwide in their experiments with Android, via various channels
When not coding, I like to ride my bike and enjoy to spend my time playing sports like Badminton, Volley Ball, or Ping Pong. I also enjoy the game of Pool. I am an active runner and an avid reader of self-improvement materials.
I write on my blog about programming and other things I come around, and can be found tweeting as well.